Mirage Anti-Bot 3.0.2 for Windows 10


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Mirage Anti-Bot is a small, free and very useful software to automatically block potentially dangerous and malicious websites. The application has a simple and intuitive graphical user interface API that is fully compatible with Windows. The program works by hiding the system tray and when you browse websites, blocks malicious and infected web pages (URLs) from malicious applications SpyEye botnet, Palevo or ZeuS. When the protection system, Mirage Anti-Bot remotely connect to the server and gets www.abuse.ch the most important data about the threat, and then modifies the HOSTS file. Users can create their own rules to block potentially dangerous sites. Thanks to this application can also be used as parental control and protect children and others from unwanted Internet services (for example, from pornography or illegal web sites). There were also in the automatic creation of reports with a list of blocked sites, as well as built-in editor filters, with which you can create a list of malicious sites and hosts. For proper operation of the program, activate the administrator. In this case, you should run the program by right-clicking on the application, and then from the context menu that appears, select "Run as Administrator".